my roads. my dreams. my life.

my roads. my dreams. my life.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

槟城壁画,走到脚几乎断掉探索之旅 (下)

继续看画... :P

26. 铁丝壁画 @ Ah Quee Street
"the street is named after kapitan Chung Keng Kwee who generously donated his house to the Municipality for vehicular access ensuring that his name lives on for posterity"

27. 荡秋千的小孩 @ Lebuh Chulia

28. 姐弟打篮球 @ Lebuh Chulia

29. 铁丝壁画 @ King Street
"roti benggali came from the word Penggali ("shareholder" in Tamil)"

铁丝壁画 @ King Street
"parrot astrologers were Indian fortune tellers who used green parakeets to foretell a person's future"

30. 铁丝壁画 @ Masjid Kapitan Keling Street
"in the days when your money could be as "big as bullock cart wheel", this was a popular rest stop for the limousine of the time"

31. 铁丝壁画 @ Lorong Muda
"during the first and fifteenth day of every lunar month, the Goddess of Mercy temple is packed with devotees seeking divine guidance"

32. 最狭窄的五脚基 @ Steward Lane

34. 铁丝壁画 @ Muntri Street
"the black and white Amahs were Cantonese domestic servants from GuangDong who did all kind of household chores and would refer to themselves with wry humorous "Yat Keok Tet" (one leg kicks all)"

35. 功夫女孩 @ Jalan Muntri

36. 铁丝壁画 @ Muntri Street

37. 铁丝壁画 @ Muntri Street
"this street is the place where the famous shoe designer, Jimmy Choo, started his apprenticeship" 

38. 歇息的三轮车夫 @ Penang Road

39. 铁丝壁画 @ Chulia Street
"thick, medium or thin?"

40. 铁丝壁画 @ Chulia Street
"at the turn of the last century, many shophouses were turned into cheap hotels making this internationally known tourist strip very popular with backpackers"

41. 铁丝壁画 @ Love Lane
"the local Chinese say the rich man would lived on Muntri Street, kept their mistresses here, hence the name 'Ai Cheng Hang' or Love Lane"

42. 铁丝壁画 @ Seck Chuan Lane


以下是忘了正确地点的几个点 :P

铁丝壁画 @ Che Em Lane
"also known as "chicken alley". this lane was once used by poulterers"

铁丝壁画 @ Tok Aka Lane
"the striking of the lone ironsmith's hammer can still be heard along the street where once every tool had to be fashioned by heat and hand not machines“

- The End -


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