my roads. my dreams. my life.

my roads. my dreams. my life.

Friday, 7 June 2013

槟城壁画,走到脚几乎断掉探索之旅 (上)


只要一直朝着有一堆人堆在一起的角落去就行了 LOL

没有想到大大的,小小的,画的,铁丝做的等等等... 会有那么多而已

我们看到+有上前拍照的有 49个
没有看到的不懂还有几个 LOL


52个壁画 (49 + 3), 乘于假设每5分钟找到一个的话
我们至少走了 260分钟 or 4个多小时 =.=!

err... 好像还走了蛮多冤枉路的 =.=!

所有地图里没有显示 :P

1. 阿公阿嫲 @ 姓周桥

2. 苏门答腊渔船小孩 @ 姓周桥 
漆已经掉到7788了 :(

3. 铁丝壁画 @ Lebuh Victoria
“In the 1800's shops and godowns on victoria street were built at the seafront”

4. 铁丝壁画 @ Chulia Street Ghaut
"Yeoh kongsi was established in 1836 to look after the newly arrived Yeoh clansman"

5. 铁丝壁画 @ Chulia Street Ghaut
"up until 1909 the police doubled as Georgetown's firefighter"

6. 机车小孩 @ Lebuh Ah Quee

7. 拉恐龙的小孩 @ Lebuh Ah Quee

8. 姐弟共骑 @ Lebuh Armenian

9. 铁丝壁画 @ Soo Hong Lane
"the hand pulled trishaw was the most popular transportation in early Penang"

10. 铁丝壁画 @ Armenian Street
"the Tua Pek Kong Hueah grand float procession is held in the year of the Tiger to wash away bad luck and  bring great wealth and health"

11. 巨型壁画 @ Armenian Street
第二幅也几乎掉完漆的壁画 :(

12. 爬墙小孩 @ Lebuh Cannon

13. 铁丝壁画 @ Cannon Street
a cannon shot fired during 1876 Penang riots made a large hole in this area hence the name

14. 逃脱 @ Lebuh Aceh

15. 大猫 @ Lebuh Armenian

16. 大黑鼠 @ Lebuh Armenian

17. 小猫 @ Lebuh Armenian

18. 铁丝壁画 @ Malay Street
"not only were hapless cows bred and slaughtered here, but you could also smell the fish hung out to dry"

19. 铁丝壁画 @ Prangin Lane
"a petty trading neighbourhood where you can fund activities such as drying of salted fish and basket weaving"

20. 铁丝壁画 @ Prangin Road

21. 铁丝壁画 @ Carnarvon Street
"this was the place to go for chinese books, stationery, coffins and paper effigies. all the pleasures of the material world can be reproduced in paper and burnt"

22. 铁丝壁画 @ Kimberley Street
"Kimberley Street is famous for its hawker foods. Some stalls have been here for over 3 generations"

23. 铁丝壁画 @ Campbell Street
"Campbell street is Penang's fifth avenue, a retail paradise where shoppers can stroll along the row of shophouses and feast their eyes on an array of goods"

24. 铁丝壁画 @ Armenian Street

25. 铁丝壁画 @ Ah Quee Street
Nasi Kandar originated from Tamil Muslim hawking home cooked curry dishes and rice from containers slung on both end of a kandar (a wooden stick)

- 待续 -


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